A Mitsubishi Aircraft criou recentemente uma divisão de gerenciamento de programas para "reforçar o desenvolvimento e gerenciamento" de seu programa de jatos regionais MRJ.

De acordo com o site FlightGlobal.

Mitsubishi Aircraft has newly set up a programme management division to "reinforce the development and management" of its MRJ regional jet programme.

Under the division, headed by former programme director Alex Bellamy, sits the integrated product team (IPT) execution department, the governance management office and the product strategy office.

The IPT execution department is concerned with promotion and management of the programme, while the government management office handles matters such as schedule setting, evaluation and risk management.

The Japanese manufacturer tells FlightGlobal that the new division, effective 1 January 2018, will clarify the roles and responsibilities so as to execute the MRJ programme "more efficiently".

Mitsubishi has also restructured its engineering division. The new structure will be split into five departments: aircraft integration, mechanical system design, electrical system design, airframe design and avionics, fly-by-wire and software design. There will also be three offices focusing on interiors, test rigs integration and electrical wiring interconnect systems design.

The change, also to be rolled out next year, will help achieve more efficient communication and quicker decision making, says Mitsubishi.

Mitsubishi is targeting to deliver the first MRJ90 to launch customer All Nippon Airways by mid-2020.

Fonte: FlightGlobal 27/12/2017

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